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2540 West Shaw Lane, Suite 110, Fresno, California 93711
Fresno Office
2540 West Shaw Lane
Suite 110
Fresno, California 93711
Phone: 559-449-0571

Fresno, CA Hospital and Medical Malpractice Attorneys Provide Solid Defense

Quality legal representation for healthcare providers and institutions

Stammer, McKnight, Barnum & Bailey LLP delivers consistently excellent legal representation to medical practitioners and hospitals throughout California’s Central Valley. Since 1916, our firm’s attorneys have committed themselves to providing the principled defense necessary to preserve reputations and salvage productive careers.

Our experience and pre-eminent reputation benefits our hospital and medical malpractice clients

As a law firm recognized for high standards of professionalism and ethics, Stammer, McKnight, Barnum & Bailey LLP works diligently to construct your best defense. We conduct independent investigations, consult technical and forensic experts, depose witnesses under oath and evaluate every element of the case. Our meticulous preparatory work, combined with our extensive experience in hospital and medical malpractice litigation, allows us to offer reliable advice on your best course of action. Our firm has enjoyed a consistent record of success at trial and on appeal. That positive reputation in the courtroom is always an asset as we confer with opposing counsel. Where fault exists, we can negotiate a fair settlement that limits the damage to a hospital’s standing in the community, or a physician’s career. Where facts argue against your liability, we can mount a vigorous defense, move for summary disposition or negotiate a cost-effective settlement.

Staunch defense across a wide array of hospital and medical malpractice cases

Stammer, McKnight, Barnum & Bailey LLP has defended numerous hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, outpatient facilities and practitioners in a variety of cases. The causes of action we’ve litigated include:

  • Medical issues
    • Birth injuries
    • Failure to diagnose
    • Delayed diagnosis
    • Medication errors
    • Wrong prescription
    • Wrong dosage
    • Drug interactions
    • Failure to order testing
    • Wrong test
    • Error in test interpretation
    • Decubitus ulcers
  • Surgical issues
    • Incision error
    • Wrong surgery
    • Wrong body part
    • Postoperative infection
    • Anesthesia error
  • Institutional issues
    • Failure to monitor patients
    • Failure to supervise staff
    • Unlawful use of restraint

Contact an experienced hospital and medical malpractice attorney in Fresno

Stammer, McKnight, Barnum & Bailey LLP has forged its reputation by providing creative, strategic and reliable legal services. Contact us at or online to schedule a consultation with a medical malpractice attorney who can protect your reputation and your bottom line. Our law office is conveniently located on the Shaw Avenue corridor, in the heart of Fresno, where we’ve served California’s Central Valley for more than 90 years.